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Super Pops

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Super Pops

With home baking and confectionary making on the rise, people are finding out how much fun it is to create their own treats and are looking for new inspirations for their kitchen experiments. One of the most popular treats at the moment is the cake pop, which can be shaped and decorated to be as adorably cute or as stylishly elegant as the occasion requires. By starting from the initial idea of a delicious cake ball on a stick, this book is able to go even further toward finding a whole range of delicious treats that are made even better by coming in bite-sized, be-sticked form. Focusing for the first time on rich, complex flavours and simple techniques, this book will make it easy for anyone to try out a range of indulgences that are sure to impress at parties, events, or as presents. With recipes ranging from traditional cake pops with exciting new flavours, all the way to brittles and meringues, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Easy-to-understand directions make every step simple to understand and even absolute beginners can walk away with an impressive collection of desserts in an easy-to-hold form. The range of new flavours and techniques mean even seasoned confectioners will find something here to inspire and challenge them, making this book a practical resource to own or a thoughtful gift to give.

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