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Ocean the Definitive Visual Guide

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Ocean the Definitive Visual Guide

Explore the last wilderness left on Earth, with an enhanced and updated edition of this exhaustive guide to the underwater world. From mangrove swamp to ocean floor, mollusc to manatee, the Japanese tsunami to Hurricane Sandy, unravel the mysteries of the sea. Marvel at the oceans’ power and importance to our planet – as the birthplace of life on Earth, a crucial element of our climate, and as a vital but increasingly fragile resource for mankind. You will discover every aspect, from the geology of the sea floor and the interaction between the ocean and atmosphere, to the extraordinary diversity of marine life. Updated illustrations and satellite-derived maps and the latest scientific research explain and illuminate each natural process and phenomena. Includes an inspiring introduction by editor-in-chief Fabien Cousteau.Ocean captures both the beauty and scientific complexity of the ocean, making it perfect for families and students alike.

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