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Mind Benders: Brain Boggling Tricks, Puzzles & Illusions

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Mind Benders: Brain Boggling Tricks, Puzzles & Illusions

Over 60 mindbending challenges to delight and amaze you Flex your mental muscles with Mindbenders, the interactive book of brainteasers, optical illusions, puzzles, tricks and more! Discover how to pick up a marble without touching it or find yourself without any control over your own arms! With instructions and explanations, you’ll understand how over 60 challenges work and be able to amaze friends and family with your craftiness. With four amazing interactive elements you can also fool your sense of perspective with optical illusions, be transformed in a hall of mirrors, track down the hidden shapes in a stunning pop-up, or take on a colour-matching challenge that will really get you in a spin! With clearly-presented challenges and entertaining images, Mindbenders will have you poring over these puzzles for hours on end!

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