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Jumbo Activity Book


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Jumbo Activity Book

The jumbo activity book with 365 activity is a complete activity book that covers a large number of learning topics and preschool activities with the help of well formed ideas and practice activities. It consists of a total of 365 activities, one for each day for your toddler. The cover of the book is very attractive with colorful animated images of an elephant, bird and snake with an open activity book which helps in catching a child’s attention. The real aim of the book is to make learning an act of fun. The activities included in the book hold a child’s interest and also help them learn alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes, simple addition and subtraction and other necessary topics that are designed for pre-school kids or children studying in kindergarten. Jumbo activity book with 365 activity includes a number of colored pictures, images, diagrams and cartoons. There are activities that instruct children to draw, fill colors in empty figures, identify shapes etc. Most of the activities are designed keeping in mind children of the age group: 6 years and above. This book brings about a wonderful way of helping little kids to learn with fun and helps by improving their imagination and skills. It was published by dreamland publications and is available in paperback. Key features: the book has a total of 365 activities and also colored pages with illustrations and images.

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