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Eyewitness Amazon

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Eyewitness Amazon

“Cruise along the largest river in the world and explore the vibrant tropical rainforest that it cuts across with this amazing book packed with facts.
Discover all there is to know about life in, on, and around the world-famous Amazon River. Learn about the river’s geography, its source, the countries through which it flows, and the stunning and diverse ecosystems it has helped create.
Explore the diverse flora and fauna hosted by the river. Take flight with the colourful exotic birds, leap around with the New World monkeys, take a stroll with the forest floor dwellers, and meet the ferocious predators that live in and around this massive river.
Find out about the many animals that live in its waters, from flesh-eating piranha and the largest freshwater fish arapaima, to giant otters and the Amazon’s amazing river dolphins.
Read all about the ancient civilizations that used to inhabit the area, the myths and legends they created, and the indigenous peoples who call the forest their home today. You will also find out how the modern-day industry is affecting the Amazon and what is being done to conserve and preserve this amazing ecosystem.
Eyewitness Amazon is the perfect book for any child who wants to know more about the world’s most famous river and its rainforest. It also comes with a pull-out poster that you can hang on your wall.”

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