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Dinosaur Cove Stampede of the Giant Reptiles


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Dinosaur Cove Stampede of the Giant Reptiles

Jamie and Tom are dying to get back to Dino World – but when they do, they find everything is quiet and still. Where are all the dinosaurs? What are they doing? Then they hear a big explosion above them – and there are meteors flying through the sky! The meteors slam into the ground and theimpact knocks the boys off their feet. All over Dino World there are pockets of smok e and fire in the trees and the dinosaurs begin to emerge from the forests. Tom and Jamie realize that the dinosaurs were all in hiding – and now they’re totally spooked by the weird goings on. The boys see a herd of the elusive Edmontosaurus, and a hundred of the frightened dinosaurs begin to stampede! Tom and Jamie realize they’re charging straight towards the biggest meteor crater – if they don’t do something to stop them, then they will all fall to their deaths! But how can two boys stop a whole herd of stampeding dinosaurs?

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