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Dear Dumb Dairy Year Two #4

Author: Jim Benton
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.


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Dear Dumb Dairy Year Two #4

bBestselling author Jim Benton is back, continuing a new spin on a favourite series!b p iDear Dumb Diary, p Before school, Isabella had me fix her hair in the girls’ bathroom. Her hair really is quite beautiful. It’s black and thick and glossy, like the majestic hair on a lion if that was black. p She had a test later, and she had written the answers on a slice of baloney in the sandwich she brought for lunch. If the teacher saw her, she could just eat the sandwich and destroy the evidence. But she wasn’t thinking, and accidentally ate her lunch while I was doing her hair. Beauty can really make you hungry. p While she was wiping the ink off her lips, I explained why cheating is wrong. We have a test in math next week, and I encouraged her to pack a lunch you can’t write on. If she brings peanut butter and jelly, I’ll know I got through to her.i p The bestselling Dear Dumb Diary series is a hilarious hit! Now Jamie Kelly’s diaries have a fresh look and a fun twist. Dear Dumb Diary Year Two is still laugh-out-loud funny – but everything is another year dumber!

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