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Common Core Mastery Reading Informational Text 6


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Common Core Mastery Reading Informational Text 6

Provide your sixth grade students with rigorous reading comprehension practice including close reading, academic vocabulary, comprehension, and writing activities.   The informational texts cover grade-level content-area topics and a range of nonfiction text structures, such as compare and contrast, main idea and details, and cause and effect.   Each of the 10 units presents a grade-appropriate nonfiction article and supporting activities that are easy to scaffold, including the following: ·     dictionary page with content and academic vocabulary ·     close reading activity ·     reading comprehension activity ·     vocabulary activity ·     text structure activity   The unit culminates in a text-based writing assignment that can be used as an informal assessment.   Additional teacher support includes: ·     Correlations provided for every unit for easy reference ·     Downloadable home-school connection activities and projects to extend learning at home. ·     A guided reading level to help identify appropriate texts for students   The informational texts and structures cover:   Science Articles ·      The Force of Magnetism Text Structure: Question and Answer ·      Food Webs in Ecosystems Text Structure: Cause and Effect ·      Genes for Survival Text Structure: Main Idea and Details Social Studies Articles ·      Comparing Rights and Responsibilities Text Structure: Compare and Contrast ·      Ancient Economies Text Structure: Main Idea and Details Biography Articles ·      Phillis Wheatley: Antislavery Poet Text Structure: Question and Answer ·      Colin Powell: An American Leader Text Structure: Time Order How-to Articles ·      How to Grow a Container Garden Text Structure: Time Order ·      How to Evaluate Online Sources Text Structure: Question and Answer ·      How to Reuse Items and Reduce Waste Text Structure: Cause and Effect.

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