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Collector’s Guides Rifles & Muskets

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Collector’s Guides Rifles & Muskets

Matchlock, wheel lock, flintlock and caplock; muzzle-loading and breech-loading; revolving and rifling – the history of muskets and rifles is a fascinating journey through the development of firearms technology. From early matchlocks of the 15th century to the latest hunting rifles and assault rifles, Collector’s Guides: Rifles & Muskets traces the development of these small arms through their technical revolutions. From a 16th century wheel-lock to today’s Knight MK-85 muzzleloader, from the Winchester to the Ak-47 to the latest sporting rifles, Collector’s Guides: Rifles & Muskets offers a narrative history of the classics among these firearms. Throughout there are technical specifications for featured firearms. Illustrated with more than 260 color and black-and-white artworks and photographs, Collector’s Guides: Rifles & Muskets is an expertly written account of the history of sporting and military firearms.

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