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#15 Scream School ( Series 2000 )

Author: R. L. Stine
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.


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#15 Scream School ( Series 2000 )

The King of Horror. That’s what everyone calls Jake Banyon’s father, Emory. For most kids, having a famous movie director as your father would be a dream come true. After all, it gives Jake the chance to interact with celebrities, and get into the movies for free. However, life with “The King of Horror” can be a real nightmare.

Emory is eccentric, and not at all fatherly. Above all things, Emory is obsessed with scaring Jake. As creator of the Scream School series of horror films, he is constantly dragging his son on set, hoping what Jake sees will terrify him. Emory claims he only scares Jake to teach him that fear is a natural emotion, one that should be embraced, rather than suppressed. Jake denies ever being scared. He loves horror, but his father never believes him. Tired of his father’s antics, Jake decides the only way he can prove he’s brave is to show he can be just as scary as his father.

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Scholastic Inc.

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