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100 Facts Weather


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100 Facts Weather

100 Facts Weather book for kids is bursting with exactly 100 awesome facts, mind-blowing images and fun activities to help children learn everything they need to know about our world’s wild weather.
100 Facts Weather includes key topics about different types of weather and weather systems in easily-digestible, numbered facts. Information is surrounded by amazing illustrations and photographs that put facts into context for children.
Essential topics covered in 100 Facts Weather:
– How the weather forecast is worked out
– Dangerous weather such as hurricanes, flood and avalanches
– How animals cope in different climates and weather conditions
Examples of ‘I don’t believe it’ fascinating facts:
– The ancient Egyptians had a story to explain the yearly flooding of the Nile. They said the goddess Isis filled the river with tears, as she cried for her lost husband.
– A tornado can be strong enough to lift a train!
– When the Sun shines all day in the far north, there is 24-hour night in the far south!
Activities to make learning accessible and interactive include:
– Find out how to make water heavier using two identical cups filled with the same amount of water

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